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  • March 7, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 7th March 2021

    This week’s service can be found below. We are continuing our series in the book of 1 Samuel. This week we open chapters 11 and 12- the torch is passed from Samuel to Saul.
    There is also a separate video for our KFC children, which can be found by clicking here.

  • February 28, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 28th February 2021

    Please find below the video for this week’s online worship. We will be looking together at 1 Samuel, chapters 9 and 10 – the call for a king is answered.

    A separate video for KFC children (those aged 3-11) can be found by clicking here.

  • February 21, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 21st February 2021

    We will continue our opportunity to worship at home. Our series in the book of 1 Samuel takes us to chapter 8, where we see Israel’s call for a king. Let’s continue to make time to worship wherever we are.

    A separate video for our children in KFC is available by clicking here.

  • February 14, 2021 Alexandra Men

    Football & Faith

    Our first gathering of Alexandra Men for 2021 is going to be a time on Zoom with Northern Ireland and Hull City striker Josh Magennis. On Thursday 25th February, from 7-8pm we’re really grateful to be hearing from Josh about his football and his faith in Jesus in a live Q&A on Zoom. This is open to all the men of Alexandra, and we’d love you to bring a friend as well. In the meantime, save the date and spread the word!
  • February 14, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 14th February 2021

    Our latest worship from home video, from Alexandra Presbyterian Church, in Belfast.

    This week, we look at 1 Samuel chapter 7 – the gospel according to Samuel. We also hear from one of our new members, Anna, as part of This Time Tomorrow.

    A separate video for KFC is also available on our YouTube channel, which you can access by clicking here.

  • February 7, 2021 3867CDE4-40F4-41F7-8543-E0074ED139FC

    Christianity Explored

    We are really excited to announce the launch of an online Christianity Explored course, beginning on Sunday 28th February at 7pm. The course, which will run each Sunday for 7 weeks, is completely free and gives anyone the opportunity to explore the claims of good news the Bible makes about Jesus; who he is, why he came and what it means to follow him. With it being on Zoom you can also do it from the comfort of your own home! If you are interested in taking part, simply register your details here. This lets us know how many people will be taking part and allows to send you a copy of the handbook and Mark’s gospel that you need to do the course. This is open to anyone who would like to take part and is geared towards those who don’t yet have a faith in Jesus, are new to faith in Jesus or want to know more about Him. Each night involves two short discussion sections in small groups (you can simply listen if you prefer) and a short video to watch. Three key things to know before joining: – You don’t need to know anything about the Bible – You won’t be asked to read aloud, pray or sing – You can ask any question you want We would LOVE you to join us as explore more about Jesus and what it really means to have faith in Him.

  • February 7, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 7th February 2021

    Join us as we continue our series in 1 Samuel, ‘The Call for a King’. This week, we will be looking at chapters 5 and 6 seeing that the Lord cannot be taken lightly.

  • January 31, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 31st January 2021

    Our worship from home series continues with our look at 1 Samuel chapter 4.

    This week’s Kids For Christ video can be found on our YouTube channel bu clicking here.

  • January 24, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 24th January 2021

    Please find below our weekly video, as we make time to worship together wherever we are.

    This week, we arrive into 1 Samuel 3, seeing God who speaks. Join us as we set aside time to spend in prayer and God’s Word.

    Our YouTube channel can be accessed here, where you will find a worship playlist that you and those in your household can make your way through.

  • January 17, 2021 1Samuel

    Sunday Worship – 17th January 2020

    A recording for our opportunity for worship together, as we continue through the Covid-19 restrictions.

    This week we look at 1 Samuel chapter 2, continuing the ‘Call for a King’ series.