We are a community that is welcoming to all who come and share with us as we join in worshipping God each Sunday. Our morning service is at 11:00am and in the evening we have ALEXANDRA:PM which runs for blocks of five or six weeks at a time.

All of our services will include times to join in singing praise to God, praying, reading the Bible and seeking to explain it so we can understand what God is teaching us and how we can apply it to our lives. There is also an offering during the service, but we do not want our guests to feel uncomfortable about that. The offering is a way for the members of the congregation to contribute to the ongoing work of the church.

After the first 15 minutes of our morning service, there will be an opportunity for toddlers to leave for Crèche and primary school-aged children to leave for Sunday School (which we call KFC –‘Kids for Christ’). Parents/carers may accompany their children out to either of this groups, but there will be volunteers organised to look after your children each week to allow you to remain in the service.

The last Sunday of each month is a Family Service, when our children will stay in. Our praise band will play and this tends to be a more modern-style service, when we will sing songs that are not in the hymnbook.

On the second and fourth Sunday of each month, our Youth Fellowship (called ‘Ignite’) meet. This is for anyone aged 11-25. They meet during the evening service, from 7:00-8:30pm.

There is also a prayer meeting before each service. The morning prayer meeting starts at 10:30am and the evening prayer meeting meets at 6:30pm.