We are delighted to join in partnership with local congregations at different points throughout the year.

More recently, we have joined with our neighbouring Presbyterian churches, Seaview and Newington, for our evening services during the Christmas and Easter season. We are also involved in the Community Carol Service involving other local congregations of different denominations.

Each month, a community prayer meeting is held, with each church taking it in turns to host the prayer meeting. This is a great opportunity to pray for and encourage each other, as well as pray for the needs of our community.

Time 4 U

Meet weekly for different activities including crafts and outings to various exhibition centers. The group is made up of ladies from the local community, and we would be delighted to welcome you. Contact May Adamson for more information.


Zumba meets from 6:30-7:30pm on a Tuesday night and anybody is welcome to attend. Come along for fun and exercise! Each week costs £2, with your first week free. Contact Victoria Montgomery for more information or search for ‘zumbavictoriabelfast’ on Facebook.